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Tatiana Kostour a wonderful role model

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    Tatiana Kostour a wonderful role model
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    Ana-Lavinia Vlad

I am very proud to say that Tatiana Kostour is my violin teacher. Three years have flown by since I first started studying with her. I came to Tatiana one day to perform RCM Level three piece nervous and anxious to see if she would accept me. Now I'm playing grade ten and ARCT pieces and have a great teacher-student bond. Not only is Tatiana an impressive musician but she has a wonderful attitude and personality that rubs off on all around her! Tatiana has always been passionate about teaching and she taught me to always be confident and ready for anything. I've passed many exams and have been through many competitions but one that really stands out is my second place at CMC in the National Round where Tatiana was always being there for me. I've also been playing for three years in Kitchener Youth Orchestra and Chamber Music. We've gone through so many events together and Tatiana has never let me down and also any of her students. I hope we haven't, either. If we have, she's not showing any sign of noticing it. I thank Tatiana with whole my heart for all she has done for me.